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Lackawaxen River (LAK-uh-WAK-sen), 25 mi/40 km long, NE Pa.; formed by joining of West Branch (c.15 mi/24 km long); flows through Belmont L. and Johnson Creek, 5 mi/8 km ENE of Forest City; flows SE, through Prompon L. reservoir, past Honesdale and Hawley, to Delaware R. at Lackawaxen (41°34'N 75°19'W); receives Wallenpaupack Creek, 2 mi/3.2 km E of Hawley.The Lackawaxen River joins the main stem of the Upper Delaware River in the town of Lackawaxen in Pike County, PA at the famed Zane Grey pool.. The Lackawaxen is a destination for fly fishing for Brown trout, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. Trout are stocked in the spring and fall from Hawley, PA to the conluence. A popular spot is the pool at Bright's Shop in Rowland, PA. Here fishermen gather and Charlie Bright has supplies and all the latest info. From the PPL Hydro electric power generation station in Hawley the Lackawxen River stays cool in the summer and fishable through the winter. If you're nuts. PPL get its water from Lake Wallenpaupack an 18 mile impoundment bordering Wayne County and Pike County. The Lackawaxen can have some spectacular Hendrickson hatches and Caddis hatches in the spring. The Caddis can rise like a snow storm from the surface. There are a great variety of Mayfly, Caddis and Stones throughout the season. Be careful when wading. Unexpected power runs can leave you standed - or worse. Call the PPL info line at 800.807.2474 to get current power generation schedule. It takes about 3 to 4 hours for the river to lower after a power run run ends. MORE...

Caution River Level Changes Rapidly
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Wow! 2010. Another year of fishing to look forward to. Maybe this year will be better than last. Lets hope so. Even if last year was a great year. Me? I going to explore some other local trout waters. I marked a couple of spots that are stocked. Spots close by.The Lackawaxen River is being stocked from KMART to the Dyberry if your interested a in little 'urban' fishing. Also Van Aukens Creek along Rt 6 and the West Branch of the Lackawaxen River. Maybe these spots will be good when the tubes run during April and early May. I'm going to try some of the smaller unstocked streams and some of the bigger ones too. Check out my map. It may give you some ideas.

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